Scourge Scenics 3D Printing and Wargaming

Welcome to Scourge Scenics, 3D printing and wargaming specialists. We offer a variety of products for various wargames. We print our items in resin and aim to achieve the highest quality possible.

We also offer a custom printing service so if you would like anything printed then please contact us for a quote. We accept files in STL format. We charge a one off set up fee and then an hourly rate on the printers.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our site and if you have any questions, please contact us.

As a note regarding the resin we use for printing: it is sensitive to UV light, which makes it cure. If you find that your items are tacky at all it could be that it hasn’t fully cured. Whilst effort is made to ensure that products are suitably cured before shipping, it could be that you notice a little tackiness. In this case, please leave them in direct sunlight for a little while until they cure fully. Also, when painting our miniatures we recommend using primer over the fully cured surface prior to detailing.